Natalie and Stuart’s “retro” wedding at Oulton Hall, Leeds, West Yorkshire

We got creative with Natalie and Stuart’s wedding photos from Oulton Hall near Leeds and gave them a retro-feel. The iphone has recently sparked a trend for old Hipstamatic camera 70s-style photos and this has brought them back in Vogue. So we gave these wedding photos a retro make over so you can see what’s possible with different styles of wedding image…

Oulton Hall wedding photography Leeds

The bride and bridesmaid's getting ready for the wedding at Oulton Hall, Leeds

Oulton Hall exterior looked great when we gave it the retro-feel…

Oulton Hall wedding photographer Leeds

Oulton Hall is a great venue for wedding photography

The groom and groomsmen were just finishing getting ready and we caught this natural shot of the pageboy as he struggled with his flower.

Oulton Hall Leeds Wedding Photographer

Page boy gets his flower put straight

We snapped a few informal shots then got a quick posed shot out of the front of Oulton Hall.

Oulton Hall wedding photography Leeds

The famous red carpet was outside Oulton Hall front steps

The bride and her father were all smiles as she spoke briefly with the registrar before going into the ceremony

Oulton Hall Leeds Wedding Photography

Nice and relaxed faces before entering the ceremony room

Managed a few nice natural shots during the exchange of the rings…

Oulton Hall wedding photography in Leeds

rings were exchanged as the couple said their vows

After the ceremony Natalie and Stuart came outside into the fantastic grounds of Oulton Hall for the confetti shot…

Oulton Hall Leeds Wedding photographer

Confetti on the steps at Oulton Hall

We wandered off around Oulton Hall and made use of the amazing flowerbeds to add some interest to the portraits of the bride and groom

Wedding Photography Oulton Hall, Leeds

Fantastic flowers gave this shot some foreground interest

Natalie and Stuart had booked a limo so we had a quick shot with it and caught this natural moment between them…

wedding photos Oulton Hall, Leeds

Angled shot with the limo outside the front of Oulton Hall

After that we had some fun family shots in the grounds of Oulton Hall…

Oulton Hall Wedding Leeds Photographer

Fun shots always beat the traditional line-ups

The bridesmaids ran off around Oulton Hall’s grounds so we caught a few natural shots when they weren’t looking

Wedding Photographer Oulton Hall, Leeds

the bridesmaids and pageboy having fun

The bride and groom wanted a few family shots so we got these done infront of the fountain in Oulton Hall’s grounds

Wedding Photography at Oulton Hall, Leeds

Family shot infront of Oulton Hall fountain

Got this great natural shot as the bridesmaids walked away

Wedding Photography at Oulton Hall, Leeds

natural wedding shot in Oulton Hall's grounds

We simply asked the bridesmaids to jump around and have fun…what a great shot came from it!

Recommended wedding photographer for Oulton Hall, leeds

fun fun fun shots of the bridesmaids

The bride and groom wanted some informal shots with their daughter the bridesmaid

Oulton Hall wedding photography by Leeds wedding photographer

Oulton Hall is a simply amazing venue for wedding photography

A big group shot on the steps of Oulton Hall is always a winner

Wedding Photography at Oulton Hall, Leeds

Group photograph of all the wedding guests on the front steps at Oulton Hall

The wedding breakfast room before the guests came in to eat…

Oulton Hall wedding room Leeds

Oulton Hall Leeds wedding room

The speeches enabled us to get some great reaction shots

Wedding Photographer Leeds, Oulton Hall

The best man's speech was a laugh a minute

Final shot of the cake and wedding rings…

Leeds Wedding Photographer Oulton Hall, Leeds

The cake and rings...details that won't be forgotten!

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