Looking For A Wedding Photographer In Leeds?

Wedding Photographer LeedsWedding photography is one of the most important kinds of photography because weddings are the particular times in life that we wish to capture for ever. Think how special it will be to bring out your wedding album and DVD slideshow in 10 years time when your kids ask you what your wedding was like. You’ll huddle together, pour over the pictures and remenisce about what a great day it was all those years ago. You’ll feel a few tears creep into your eyes as the images bring back memories of the most important day of your life. There will be portraits of babies who have changed into small children, small children that have grown into young adults, adults that have have gained a few wrinkles over the years and of course valuable images of older family members that sadly may no longer be with us. So when your children ask you…”mummy, what did grandma look  like?” You can show them.

Weddings are important family gatherings and therefore wedding photography plays an a leading roll in documenting these events. But there is more to weddings than just this. The wedding ceremony itself is an incredibly emotional part of the day and it’s important you find the right wedding photographer to capture this emotion just at the right time. Here are at Leeds Wedding Photographer we have photographed hundreds of weddings so have the experience to capture these exquisite moments such as a knowing glance or a secret smile.

Whether you decide to use Leeds Wedding Photographer not, we’ve put together a list of things to consider when choosing the best wedding photographer for you.

Equipment is one of the most important aspects. New photographers often start out not being able to afford a great deal of camera equipment, lights, tripods etc. This doesn’t make them an incompetent photographer, but it may mean the shots are of a lower quality because of a lack of equipment. An inexperienced photographer could also miss important wedding moments when they’re reloading the camera or changing batteries. These days a wedding photographer ought to have at least two cameras at the professional grade. A good wedding photographer will have several cameras with appropriate lenses and should be able to switch memory cards in the digital camera within a few seconds.

Experience will determine the cost of the photographer. Well established wedding photographers offering a full day package with a professionally designed album will charge anything from £1500 – £2500 or more for wedding photography. It all hinges on the type of package you want and the hours of work needed after the wedding to produce your album. Some  Wedding photographers offer less expensive packages with less work involved. For example CD only packages without an album. It’s important to ask what’s included in your package as a basic package may not include extras such as a DVD slideshow or online web gallery. It’s often these parts of the package that people overlook but end up loving afterwards.

A well known wedding photographer is going to cost more money, just for the name. These photographers often charge extra for their experience in addition to the tools they can use.

Price of a wedding photographer should be analysed carefully. After all, for more expensive packages it’s not just one day’s work with all the meetings, editing, image enhancement, album designing, uploading to websites and DVD creating  that is included.

The most important part of choosing a wedding photographer is considering their photography skills. They should immediately know where to take the best photograph  when they walk into a room because of the lighting. They will likewise be able to show you a portfolio of past weddings with consistant photography. Wedding photography is about the moments that pass between your family and yourselves.  A good wedding photographer should be able to predict when these moments are about to happen and capture them as well.

You will often see wedding photography displayed in people’s houses. Portraits of the bride with her bouquet, the wedding party posing and the bride and groom together.  The arrangement of the people within the photograph is as important as the photograph itself. A good wedding photographer will know how to orgaise groups the right way. Positioning people and using the light and the background to the best advantage.

Photography is an intricate profession and when you have an important day like a wedding you will want the best pictures. You also may have ideas of the pictures you want and a good wedding photographer will be glad to help bring those notions to fruition. Good Wedding Photography is about lighting, catching those unguarded moments, and creating memories that will last forever.